Rural Cafe

Fresh Ideas at the Rural Cafe

Why the Rural Cafe?** We realize that people in the country talk and solve problems around the kitchen table over a pot of coffee, or at the coffee shop. All of our meeting so far have followed this laid back, casual attitude- we sit around tables with coffee & goodies and talk about our church, our community, our lives. We talk about what makes it great, what makes it a struggle, and what we can do to make it better.

Rural Cafe meetings are held twice a year at Londesborough United. While talking, we have come up with many ideas of how to create a sense of community and family within our church walls… not just on Sundays, but as an active, community ministry. We have implemented many outreach programs and have a strong group of Rural Cafe members who are excited and active in making our church and its programs a success!

Some of the projects on the go from the Rural Cafe are:

  • this new, interactive website
  • a quarterly newsletter
  • welcome baskets for new families moving to our community and for people who are visiting our church on a regular basis

Stay tuned for more!


**The Rural Cafe is a grassroots movement in united churches  based on the paper “Alive and Kicking: Revitalizing Rural Ministries” written by Marvin L. Anderson, Ph.D. To read more about Dr. Anderson’s paper and the Alive and Kicking movement, please check out Londesborough United had the pleasure of hosting the first Rural Cafe workshop, which was led by Mr. Anderson and Eric Skillings in the fall of 2008. Since then, our church has continued holding our own Rural Cafe meetings, which are led by congregation members.


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